Menoffagainorrhoea; Snow Drifting

As you read on Bertie's blog last week, we enjoyed an outing to the Cairngorms while I was there. Thankfully, unlike the day before, we did not get shut out by snow gates. In fact, the roads travelled were mostly pretty good; only a few in the early parts were overlaid with ice and slush, the rest having been well-gritted. This was due, one suspects, to the need for revenue on the ski slopes. Gotta keep those sports peeps happy!

I managed a few 'on the road' shots through the window of the car. Not the sharpest, but full of 'character'.

We made a short stop in Ballater, which we had visited three years prior. During that time there had been a devastating fire at the railway museum one year and an extreme flood situation another year. Glad to say it is much recovered.  The church was looking magnificent in the bright sunlight.

We drove up, and up, and up. We stopped, then drove up some more. We came to a cabin on the hillside which provided a most delicious hot chocolate and shortbread. Warmed and revived, we returned to the road, up past the VERY BUSY ski field. Gail said she didn't recall ever seeing so many cars parked there at one time. Continuing past this, into Tomintoul and another stop, for the mirror cube. We had a cuppa and a scone then we started to drop from the deep snow and back into 'greener' areas again. 

 We were heading towards Rhynie, where there was a small area of forest with Nordic skiing runs.

Gail had a trial run, and Bertie approved of the chance to be off leash for a while, as well as the crumbs on offer in the hytte. 

Then it was the scenic drive home.  It had been a fabulous day and I was immensely grateful to Gail for taking the wheel, leaving me free to fiddle with the Fudge and snap endlessly similar images! You will be subjected to more of these over the next two or three Tuesday Me-Now-View posts!

On Monday it was time for me to pack up Little Ren again and to head back to the Hutch. I had been away a mere ten days, but it felt like as many weeks, so busy had they been!